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Nurse Talking to Patient

Hospital and
brands partnerships

Delivering powerful and innovative media
& marketing solutions in hospitals


Hospitals are where essential life moments happen: new lives begin, patients heal, families regroup around loved ones. 
In this highly emotional context that blends happiness, hope and hardship in one location, we help brands build deeper and more meaningful connections.

Sampling Opportunities

New parents have new needs, they want a cleaner house, need one more bedroom, a larger car, new household appliances, new activities …

A new mother is also more concerned with her appearance so she’s inclined to have a healthier lifestyle, exercise, watch her diet, try new beauty products, buy new perfume, new clothes… It’s the perfect time for you to introduce your brands’ benefits. She is receptive and has time to try new products.


A new life begins for her, let your brand become part of it…

Create great branding experiences and bring good things for the community 

We partner up with hundreds of hospitals to enhance the well-being of their patients with the support of brands. Whether it's sponsored rooms, special corners or simple counter tops, all offer great brand exposure, garner hospital staff support and positively impact people's lives!

Connect authentically with new moms 
thanks to mom influencers

Every new mothers at one point need the help of a friend to get through the first days, months and even years of motherhood. Often they will turn to social media for advice or simply to share their experience.

By teaming up with our  pool of new mom creators, brands can create more intimate and meaningful experiences to support new moms on their journey.  

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