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Contextual Sampling

A unique  gift concept, “เจ้าตัวน้อย”Baby Gift Set.
Our maternity gift sets contain useful product samples specially selected for the mother and her child.


“เจ้าตัวน้อย” Baby Gift Set is personally presented by the nurse to each new mother at 3 crucial stages of her new life as a mother:

- upon registration of her pregnancy

- right after her baby is delivered

- on her baby’s first vaccinations

Image by Devon Divine


Pregnancy is a special stage where women are in need of information and eager to understand what is happening to them and their baby to come.
Take this opportunity to provide your support during these few weeks and build a durable emotional connection with them. 

Image by Christian Bowen


When baby is finally born, no more time to search for information, it's all hands on deck from then on.
Taking care of a newborn in the first few months doesn't leave much time for anything else!
But no matter how hard it is, the birth of a new baby is a life changing moment, let your brand be part of it! 

Baby Learning to Walk


After a few weeks, things start to settle down. Some moms get ready to go back to work, regular visits are scheduled for vaccines and follow-up check-ups. New families have new needs and are open to new experiences. A perfect time to introduce your brand or service to them!nect data from your collection.

A very special gift at a very special moment.


By joining this program, your product is associated with a unique moment in one’s life. Our hospital network covers hundreds of public and private hospitals in all major cities of Thailand. Join the many brands that have already benefited from sampling their brands through our giftsets.

Special Departments Sampling
Reach specific target groups in specialized medical departments for optimum results.

Thanks to the strength of our longstanding partnerships with hospitals,  health workers have helped distribute hundreds of thousand samples in highly targeted departments. 

An effective channel to reach health conscious patients or consumers with special  areas of interest (skin care, allergy, low sugar diet, etc...). 

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