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Every Minute
in Every City,
A New Client Is Born


Let us bring you up close and personal with your newest clients... as their life begins.


Every year new parents spend thousands of Baht on consumer goods for their new family. Research show that new mothers spare no expense to ensure their new baby gets the best. They are the ones making new purchasing decisions for the whole family too, making them a prime marketing target.

Discover Authentic and Powerful Ways
to Connect With New Parents

The way to the heart of consumers has evolved tremendously. When choosing products, consumers look for brand values that reflect their beliefs. They rely on trusted sources like friends or experts to make their choice. They themselves take part in building brand reputations online.


Through authentic and meaningful experiences whether on or offline, we help you build stronger and more authentic connections in the highly emotional context of giving birth and starting a new family.

Real Emotions
Real Connections

Building LVE Connections
From Birth

Thanks to our close partnerships with hospitals and mom influencers, you can create highly targeted contextual sampling, special branding projects or cross platform marketing campaigns that will attract and convert new users.

Our Hospital Network

Covering over 50% of all births in Thailand, Mega Direct Group's hospital network is the largest of its kind. Our hospital partners have been handing our baby gift sets to over millions of new mothers since 2005!


Some of Our Hospital Partners
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Hospital network
Partner Brands
Partner brands
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