JTN Baby Giftsets

JTN Baby Giftsets



JTN Hospital Branding

JTN Hospital Branding

Every Minute, Every City,
A New Client Is Born

Come and Meet Him!


Let us bring you up close and personal with your newest clients,... as their life begins.


Every year new parents spend thousands of bahts in consumer goods for their new family.


Research show that new mothers spare no expense to ensure their new baby gets the best. They are the ones making new purchasing decisions for the whole family too, making them a prime marketing target.


At Mega Direct Group, we offer highly targeted contextual sampling. Through our special branding projects, you get indirect hospital endorsement and support and do good at the same time!

And with our new cross platform marketing offer, you optimize your brand presence across all available media and stay connected with your potential clients 24/7. Contact us today for a FREE strategic marketing consultation!


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